Head Office

2nd Floor, Pace Mall, 96-B1,
MM Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore

Head Office

2nd Floor, Pace Mall, 96-B1,
MM Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore


We provide the facility of financing 


What we are offering?

In the world of innovation and technology, renewable energy source has always been considered as a first priority. In most of the cases it takes huge amount of investment to adopt renewable energy as an energy source. If we talk about Pakistan market, Ningbo Green Light Energy – NGLE has designed diversified & inimitable Offerings towards Residential, Corporate, Commercial and Industrial Sectors which are as follows:

  • Upfront – Cash – Engineering, Procurement and Construction – EPC.
  • Rental / Lease – Financed by NGLE and by Banks.
  • Against Purchase Power Agreement – PPA OR Build – Own – Operate – Transfer – BOOT

Upfront – Cash – Engineering, Procurement and Construction – EPC

In solar industry EPC term is used for providing end-to-end solar services from designing the system, procuring the components and installing the On- Grid, Off- Grid and Hybrid solar projects sites. If you have available capital for a complete solar solution it is the most economical way to go green & avail the benefit with complete authority and ownership with the quickest Return on Investment – ROI.

In house Lease Facility by NGLE

Over the past few years, awareness about solar technology has increased a lot but on the other side the cost of its adaption has restricted many of its essential consumers.

NGLE has designed some financing plans for Corporate, Commercial and Industrial Sectors to avail our owned leasing plans. Our financing experts will conduct a financial feasibility study and help you understand the various options and associated benefits available to you.

Our owned lease Plans are available for 1, 2 & 3 years respectively.


  1. Down Payment of 30% of the total project size.
  2. For remaining Project amount, postdated cheques are required to submit along with asked Down Payment.
  3. Roof top or any other space for solar panels to be installed.

Benefits of NGLE Lease Plans:

  1. Start getting complete benefit without even spending the complete investment.
  2. Pay the installments with saving of every month.
  3. Get the confidence on the technology during the lease period.
  4. Eligible for carbon credit incentives.
  5. Enter the greener and environmental friendly manufacturer list.
  6. Limited Risk – Free Operations & maintenance during the lease period.
  7. Free from $ exchange rate and markup fluctuations.

Bank Financing

It brings us immense pleasure to introduce the Revised Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy launched by the State Bank of Pakistan. With this lucrative offer, all prospects including domestic, commercial and industrial clients shall be allowed to benefit from solar installation at easy monthly installments and at a markup of 2+4=6% only. Please note that the said 4% is further negotiable depending upon the prospect’s relationship with their respective banks. The said loan is available on a 10 years term whilst allowing you to reap a guaranteed return of 25%.

With the successful implementation of this scheme, solar now has been made affordable for all. As a service provider, we at NGLE shall facilitate you throughout the process of loan attainment. Almost all Leading Banks are offering Solar financing.

Please feel absolutely free to ask any question regarding the proposal or any other thing regarding our services. It would be a delight to take your queries in this regard.

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SBP Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy

PPA – (Power Purchase Agreement) OR B.O.O.T (Build-Operate-Own-Transfer)

In Power Purchase Agreement – PPA is a financial agreement which allows businessman to purchase solar power with no up-front capital cost. To achieve this! Organization provides unused rooftop, land or parking lot space as a location for solar installation. As the consumer you enter into an agreement to purchase the electricity produced by the system owned by the PPA provider at predetermined rate per kilowatt, the same unit of measurement on your standard utility bill. A PPA allows you to reduce electricity costs immediately and realize increased savings over time as grid electricity price rise.

We provide professional one-stop solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of solar energy solutions including Development, Project Financing (B.O.O.T – Build –> Operate –> Own –> Transfer)

Benefits of PPA OR BOOT:

  1. No initial capital investment, since you only pay for the solar electricity that is produced.
  2. Energy costs locked from 18 to 25 years.
  3. Independent of global oil inflation and fluctuation.
  4. Limited Risk – Free Operations & maintenance during the agreed period.
  5. Eligible for carbon credit incentives.
  6. Free from $ exchange rate fluctuations.
  7. Potential increase in Property value.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bank Guarantee OR Advance Cash worth of at least 12 installments will be required.
  • The PPA would be between Ningbo Green Light Energy (Pvt) Ltd and the organization, purchasing the electricity cost.
  • The PV Plant would be grid tied in nature.
  • The Solar PV Pant goods supply electricity from dawn till dusk.
  • The Solar PV Pant would be financed, constructed, operated and maintained by NGLE for an agreed tenure.
  • The Solar Plant would be transferred after agreed tenure.
  • Organization would pay for the produced energy, at the end of every month.
  • The tariff would be mutually decided in the contract.